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About Maui Ocean Riders

Owner Operated Since 1988


Maui Ocean Riders is the originator of the Lanai Rafting Adventure. Our ridge-hull inflatable is a H.B.I. The design has been used by military search and rescue teams and Ocean Riders is the only rafting company on Maui with this particular craft.

What does that mean . . . ?

Our hull is over 1000 pounds heavier and boasts a deeper V than all other boats in its class, it was custom built for our Hawaiian waters! This translates to a much smoother, more comfortable ride. In big water, it’s the difference between rolling over speed tables rather than being jarred by speed bumps in your car.  Our rigid hull inflatable is the best. You will enjoy shipwrecks, sea coves, remote beaches, touring sea caves, dolphins, turtles and some of the best snorkeling Maui has to offer.

At 28 feet in length, she’s powered by twin 250hp Mercury Outboard engines, providing more than enough power. Maui Ocean Riders is Coast Guard certified to carry 22 passengers, but we take a maximum of 14-16. We have shade over 50% of the boat and padded bench seating or ride on the side!

Ocean Riders remains unique and extraordinary because we are the only HBI circumnavigating Lana’i Island and the only Hawaii boat tour that consistently sees the whole island year round. No other boat circumnavigate Lana’i more than Ocean Riders!

Book online below! You can also reach us by email at or call 808-661-3586. Private charters are also available.