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Tour Information Circumnavigate Lana’i

Our flagship trip that started it all and continues to be one of the most sought after trips on the islands.  The journey begins at 6:30 am, departing from Mala Wharf in Lahaina. Hold on tight because you are about to experience the adventure of a lifetime! The first part of our venture is along the north shore of Lana’i. We cross the AuAu Channel and cruise down the windswept coast where miles of isolated white sandy beached beckon us ashore for exploration. The rusted hulls of the shipwrecks down this coastline date back to WWII.


Continuing around the leeward side of the south-west coastline, we skim within a few feet of towering sea cliffs and lava rock outcrops. Numerous coves along the leeward side of Lana’i offer splendid snorkelling where marine creatures of all types can be found. Any one of these spots offers a remote and secluded setting for lunch. Sea caves, burial caves, blowholes, tide pools, spinner and spotted dolphins, monk seals, shipwrecks and white sandy beaches make this trip a must for everyone. Nothing compares with the Ocean Riders adventure around the island of Lana’i. Journey with us into the wild heart of Hawaii very few ever experience.