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Covid-19....What we're doing now

Current status...

Inter-island travel will resume June 16, 2020. Transpacific travel will remain under a 14 day quarantine through July 31, 2020.  Current guidelines for commercial boating restricts passenger counts to 8 persons with Captain and Crew for a total of 10 persons max.  The trips listed will be available until such time the guidelines are amended by the state.  Pricing is intended for Kama’aina and those visitors that have proof of being on island more than 14 days and have been released from quarantine.

4 hr. Lana’i excursion $1800.00

7-8 hr. Circumnavigate Lana’i $2200.00 (lunch included)

Other options for private charter and/or mixed groups are available, please call to inquire so that we can tailor a trip specific to your needs. $450/hr 3 hr minimum.

Keep in mind...

We are following the new guidelines as set forth by the state.  Cloth masks are to be worn when practical, staff and patrons will maintain as much social distancing as allowed on the vessel,  passengers from the same household are not required to social distance from each other.  Any person with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 may not engage in any watersports activities.  Staff shall provide hand sanitizer.  Staff shall provide touch-point sanitization  at least hourly.  Our snorkel gear has always been and will continue to be sanitized daily, we will keep individual sets of gear separated from contact with others.  Personal gear is permitted so long as it is separated from others and kept in its own bag. Any personal food/drink items are to be kept in individual containers and separated from others.